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 “Change your mental habits to belief instead of disbelief. Learn to expect, not to doubt. In so doing, you bring everything into the realm of possibility”

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We are passionate about Pilates and Gyrotonic® and want you to be too! 


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Congratulations!  You've taken the first step in starting or maintaining an active lifestyle. We specialize in Pilates and Gyrotonic® personal training and believe that not everyone has the same needs or learns best in the same environment.

If you are new to Body Evolutions feel free to give us a call us at (408) 559-9700 or e-mail and we will help you determine the best plan of action to fit your schedule and reach your goals.


Variety of Health and Fitness Techniques to Choose From

In today's fitness world, people have a variety of choices as to the Pilates studio or Gyrotonic®  studio they select as their fitness choice.  Whether you choose Pilates or Gyrotonic® exercise for fitness, you have numerous choices in California as to the style, price, type of instructor, as well as size and atmosphere of the studio.

Joseph Pilates believed that the best way to learn Pilates was through private instruction.  At Body Evolutions we offer a variety of fitness techniques, including but not limited to private instruction.   We provide AFFORDABLE PILATES TRAINING OPTIONS to supplement your private training, start out with or move onto after your private training.  Because each student learns differently and has unique preferences, Body Evolutions Studio also provides several educational classes for the beginner. During your fist session/class, a trained instructor will assess your level and offer suggestions, advice and a plan to help you achieve your individual goals.

Muscular imbalances, weakness and skeletal misalignment can lead to pain, fatigue and immobility. Repetitive and automatic movement can further reduce the body's overall functional health. At Body Evolutions, our fitness programs are designed to engage your body and mind while restoring healthy movement.

Body Evolutions of Campbell offers a variety of body conditioning techniques to suit most everyone's needs. For the best results, we recommend participating in three or more Pilates or Gyrotonic® sessions per week. These sessions can include a combination of any Pilates programs that we offer.  Below is a description of some of the techniques we use:




Pilates is an exercise system developed by the German-born athlete and physical therapy pioneer, Joseph Hubertus Pilates to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve overall health.  PILATES exercise is a system of sequential and precisely performed movements, each designed to encourage the decompression of joints, releasing tension, creating a healthy balance between strength and flexibility, improved blood circulation, and a more expanded use of breath resulting in improved posture and ease of movement during daily activities, recreation and sports.  PILATES achieves this by coordinating upper and lower body musculature with the body's center.

Pilates is practiced on the floor (mat) and with special spring-loaded equipment that simulates the mechanics of human muscle tension.  Open level classes are offered on a drop-in basis. Check our class schedule for days and times. We also offer Private Pilates sessions as a successful approach to rehabilitation from injury, Pre- & Post-Partum conditioning or for those trying to reach specific training goals.



GYROTONIC® methodology allows users to stretch and strengthen muscles, while simultaneously stimulating and strengthening connective tissues in and around the joints of the body. These exercises are synchronized with corresponding breathing patterns, thus enhancing aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation and promoting neuro-muscular rejuvenation.


Static Balance is the ability to hold a position without moving. Having good static standing balance allows you to stand and cook a meal, reach into a cupboard to get a dish or to balance on one leg while putting on your pant. 

Dynamic Balance is the ability to maintain your equilibrium while moving through space. With good dynamic balance you can climb a ladder, walk on the beach or go up and down stairs.

This effective form of conditioning is woven into private training sessions and class offerings.

Resistance Stretching
Active contraction of muscles in a lengthened position helps the body become more flexible, strong and stable. Resistance stretching emphasizes matching a person's range of motion to his/her strength. This allows continuous access to the muscle being stretched throughout the length of the stretch, protecting joints and reducing injury, while also promoting functional flexibility and strength. This effective form of conditioning is woven into private training sessions and class offerings.



Cardiovascular exercise is any type of exercise that increases the work of the heart and lungs.  Doing Pilates with an elevated heart rate allows you to burn more calories as you build your long, lean muscles. It multiples your results, hastens the positive physical transformation and helps you get to where you want to be quicker.

Adding Cardio to your Pilates or Gyrotonic® program delivers the strength conditioning effects Pilates is known for - as well as a heart-rate boosting cardiovascular workout. By integrating classic Pilates moves with dynamic, energy-infused motion, you will burn more calories, multiply results and improves cardio health - while also delivering the strengthening, body-reshaping effects that have made Pilates one of today's most popular fitness techniques. This effective form of conditioning is woven into private training sessions and class offerings.


What are the benefits of training at Body Evolutions Studio?
Everyone can gain from a stronger, more balanced body! Body Evolutions exercise techniques are low-risk with high benefits. If you are a newcomer to these training styles or a regular practitioner, we design programs to meet your health and fitness goals. Our qualified instructors help you get the most out of your practice. 

Individuals who train at Body Evolutions Studio include working professionals who want to use their time efficiently to reduce stress and keep fit, people recuperating from injuries, athletes training for events, dancers and performers, young people just beginning a fitness regime, and older adults who want a safe way to keep their bones strong and bodies flexible.

Some of the benefits people get from these exercises include:

Benefits:  click here for more

Tone and strengthen muscles

Increase flexibility and range of motion

Improve posture and body alignment

Improve balance and coordination

Enhance circulation

Alleviate stress and fatigue

Weight Reduction

Improve athletic performance

Self confidence


Body Evolutions Offers:

Private, semi-private, group mat and equipment Pilates sessions

Private and semi-private Gyrotonic® lessons




Body Evolutions Studio uses an on-line class registration system. If you prefer, you may call the studio directly at (408) 559-9700 to schedule sessions or sign up for classes, or come by the studio to sign-up and see our beautiful fully equipped studio.

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